Using Voice Values to Deepen Work and Life

VoiveValuesI recently came across the concept of Voice Values when I stumbled on Abby Kerr and the Voice Bureau. You can read a little bit about them there, or you can subcribe to her newsletter and take the free self-assessment, which will tell you what you emphasize in your work: Excellence, for example, or Enthusiasm. Or perhaps Community, Clarity, Playfulness or Power.

Personally? I scored highest in Enthusiasm, followed by Helpfulness, which pretty much sums up my approach to the world. It would have been nice to see adjectives such as Excellence or Power, but frankly, those don’t really describe me that well. I want to help, I want to share, and I want to do it right now.

Of course, I write for a living, so these values make sense to me. Then I got to thinking: can you apply them to non-writing work? What about your art? Your boutique Italian grocery? Your home? I spent a lot of time mulling that question over, wondering how far Voice Values really stretch. Must you use words to transmit them? Or will pictures, photographs, products, attitudes work just as well?

I can’t say, but I’d like to try. The idea of blending the values that already stream through my written work into the rest of my life is irresistible. Now that I’m aware of the vibes I’ve been unintentionally putting off all along, I love the idea of trying to instill them into my life intentionally as well. I’ve always known what I want to accomplish with my life; now I know how I’ve gone about accomplishing those dreams so far. If Enthusiasm and Helpfulness are my platforms, then I might as well use them to their fullest extent. Thank you, Abby!