SarahMooreHeadshotMy name is Sarah, and I’ve always had big dreams. I love to write, to craft, to cook. I want a happy family, a loving marriage and a beautiful home. Happy pets, close friends, more desserts. Or, if it’s the holidays, less desserts.

Some of my dreams have come true; a lot of them haven’t. As I was staring out the window the other day thinking about that fact, it occurred to me: how much of my time do I spend dreaming instead of doing? Dreams are all well and good, but only if you follow them through with positive action. This blog is my attempt to do just that: add beauty and light to my life by pursuing all my loves.

I not only want to find out more about myself, but more about the nature of our passions themselves. What role do they plan in our everyday lives? Who succeeds, and who doesn’t? How much of what our dreams contribute to our lives is positive, and how much negative? Are they based on inner desires, on society’s ideals, on biology, what? And how can we live life closer to our own perfect vision of what it should be?

If you’re reading this page, thank you. The world needs more people who care about these questions. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, projects and recipes with you as a I pursue my perfect life. You might say I’m positively dreaming.


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