Clever Ways to Reuse Old Cards


I don’t know about you, but I hate waste. Especially since I’m always seeking ways to make my life prettier and more efficient, I especially hate waste of beautiful things.

Cards certainly fall into this category. I’m lucky to have amazing friends and family, so I receive lots of lovely cards that, over time, really do add up. This isn’t a bad thing, but it DOES leave me with a guilty feeling when I can’t possibly keep them all!

Then the other day, as I was sorting through them, I had a revelation: I don’t have to get rid of these OR store them! I can reuse them, and bring joy to someone else’s life with the same pretty cards that brought so much happiness to me and my fridge for months!

Look at all those lovely cards! I couldn’t bear to throw them out, so I set about repurposing them, which saves me money AND guilt. You really don’t need much, just a paper cutter and scissors, a ruler and glue stick, some pretty craft paper and a set of sharpies, thick and thin.


You’ll also need some pretty envelopes to house your new stationary, once finished.


For pretty cards with nothing written on the back of the front page, you can just trim off the back with a paper cutter and match them to a new envelope. Beautiful and good to go! Best of all, you get to borrow someone else’s taste and call it yours. 🙂


If you love the card but your fan wrote on both pages, trim off the back just the same and use craft paper to create a new writing surface. The fronts will stay the same:


… but the backs get a decorative facelift with a new writing surface. If you want, you can cut out and include elements from the original inside of the card to keep the theme going.


Some cards are so adorable, all they need is a blank new inside!


Write away!


You can also make postcards. Trim off the back of cards with white insides so that their cute fronts stay the same:


… then add your own details to the back of the cards. This includes borders, places for addresses and stamps, and little illustrations should they strike your fancy. I hand-drew everything, but you can also use a ruler to make straighter lines, or even add a little more craft paper and simply stick a stamp on it and throw it in the mail.postcard-back

Voila! Adorable stationary without spending a dime. Such a pretty way to make life dreamier.


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