Positively Dreaming

Blog1-3-14I am fascinated with dreams.

No, not the sleepy kind. The kind that we all have for ourselves, when we glance at our sleeping children or our unread bookshelves or our dirty sinks or our empty Word documents. The kind people also call passion, or calling, or raison d’etre.

I love these kinds of dreams, and they also bother me, because so many of them go unfulfilled. My own, and those of the people around me. I’m not talking about your dream to win Amazing Race, or to become the next Top Chef … those aren’t dreams, they’re daydreams. I’m talking about the kind we could accomplish, but don’t: the clean house, the new business, the book club you wish you could start.

In a nutshell, this blog is about: why? Why do some people seem to accomplish all they set out to do, while others never get anywhere? Is it fate? Genetics? Luck? Guts? I want to know how the world came to be filled with so many haves and have-nots, but not in the traditional sense. Simply in the sense of people who do and do not meet their goals.

There must be something to it, and I aim to find out. Science, anecdotes, my own experience, I want to chronicle it all and share it with you. You’re right: this could be another New Year’s blog started and abandoned, but then again, blogging has always been a dream of mine. Could this be the one?

Happy New Year, fellow dreamers.


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